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Hello, my name is Nicole. Welcome! 
   It's so nice of you to stop by.

Who is "Frau (Mrs.) Vögeli (Birdie)"?
* Vögeli ist my last name, it is Swiss-German and it means "Birdie".
* Sometimes creating feels like flying ;-)
* My birdhouse is located in beautiful Switzerland.
* I'm married to a wonderful bear.
* We have two little birdies.
* I do like seeds and nuts, but I don't like worms. ;-)
* I love to sing.
* I do not fly south for winter.
* I'm related to a carrier pigeon.
* I love making our home our nest.
> English ist not my native language, so please forgive possible mistakes. Thanks! :-)

I love crafting ever since I could hold a pair of scissors. I'm not sure when the whole card making thing started. It's over 15 years now... But when I got a Big Shot in 2012 I definitely had found my most favorite hobby. Today, as a mom, card making is more than a hobby, it's my happy place.

This is my e-mail address in case you would like to contact me: frauvoegeli (at) bluewin (dot) ch

 Here's my second blog about Bible Art Journaling 
my colorful bible



  1. What a wonderful bio! I so loved your Paper Smooches submission this month... I had to come visit!

    1. Thank you so much, Eliz! Have a colorful day!


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