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today MFT challenged the DT members to get creative with the Gina K Wreath Builder Templates. I really love this fantastic tool a lot. It's so simple and so so fun to make all kind of wreaths with it.

My card uses tree stamps to build a wreath. Using different green inks makes the wreath look more interesting and almost a bit three-dimensional. I think these wreaths are perfect to put a cute little critter in it.

You can get these Wreath Builder Templates directly from MFT. They come in two sizes to create 3 3/4'' and 4'' wreaths. It's an inexpensive and super duper fun thing to use in your craft room. I just love how versatile it is.
If you don't know, how to use this cool tool, there are super helpful videos on YouTube. Gina K has a video here -> Introducing the Wreath Builder System and I also recommend watching Jennifer McGuires videos on that topic. She's a genius.

The possibilities are endless. The Design Team came up with the most super fun ideas. Hop over to the MFT blog for more inspiration!

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