★ Fall decor and gifts 5/5

Welcome to the last day of my first crafty series :-)

★ DAY 5: wrap it up

Have you seen yesterdays blog post about stamps on candles? I got the idea from a lovely friend of mine and I wanted to thank her with a card and a little fall present. My friend has a little girl and I'm going to give her something as well.

★ These are all things from this weeks series...

  • the paper pumpkin from day one
  • some tea and a cute tea bag tag from day three
  • a candle from day four
  • and a card that's in the same chalk board style like the match box from day four

My little boy is two years old now and loves to craft next to me. So I came up with that fun and easy card making technique for him. (I'm sure it's not new, but I can't remember where I've seen that before.)


  • sometimes there's nothing better than a crafty mess, but sometimes you're not in the mood for that or you do not have the time to clean up etc. so this is a good no-mess craft :-)
  • you can take this to a restaurant or a place where your kid has to wait... a lot of kids like stickers and love to play with them
  • you could also make this with finger prints, that would me a little more artsy and personal but also a bit more messy ;-)

★ HOW TO: fall card for kids
  • die cut a tree from brown card stock - you could also draw a tree
  • stick it to a cardbase
  • and let your toddler have fun with the stickers :-)

  • tree die - this one is from Paper Smooches
  • brown card stock
  • card base
  • dot stickers in fall colors - I found them in the office supplies section at our grocery store

★ a PRESENT for a toddler:

I made a card together with my son for my friends daughter. I'm also going to put a plane tree picture and some stickers in her envelope so that she can create her own fall tree.

Have you seen the other posts from my series?

for all the lovely comments on IG and here on my blog! I made this series just because I had so much fun making all these things. But knowing, that others like what I do and take the time to let me know, makes me even happier. 

Have a lovely fall and hopefully a lot of time to craft ;-)
Hugs from Switzerland

close to where we live

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