★ Fall decor and gifts 3/5

Welcome to day three of my crafty series. Let's have some tea and craft together... :-)

★ DAY 3: crafty tea time

Fall makes me want to drink some delicious herbal tea (I don't like the fruity ones) and I believe it tastes even better if you drink it while your crafting ;-)

I saw something like that a while ago and I knew, that would be a fun and quick fall craft.

  • it's an easy way to spice up tea bags for a pretty gift
  • you can stretch your craft supplies 

★ HOW TO: 
  • die cut a small tag
  • decorate it with fall stamps, dies or words
  • remove the tea tag from your tea bag and tie your cute tag to it <- read that out loud quickly ;-)
  • here's Liana's post "Tee mit Herz" (tea with a heart) that inspired me 

  • cardstock (in various colors)
  • a small tag die (or use other shapes and punch a little whole in it)
  • fall craft supplies from you stash (dies, stamps,...)
  • scissors


I love card making challenges! :-) Would you like to play along a fun fall/pumpking challenge? Hop over to my blog post "herbstlicher Dank" :-) You'll find the link to the Stempelgarten Challenge.

There's a fall inspired challenge on the Lawnscaping blog and a "Pumpkin" challenge over at Creative Friday as well.

If you missed my paper pumpkins or my kitchen and window decor ideas, check out Day 1 and 2 of my crafty series.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have wonderful day :-)

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  1. Such a cute idea - but your card. Wow! The colours on that background are stunning! Xx


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