★ Fall decor and gifts 2/5

Welcome to day two of my first crafty series.

★ DAY 2: crafty kitchen and window decor

I started doing this two years ago and I still like it a lot :-) As a mom of a two year old, I don't have that much time to decorate our home. I like it quick and easy but still pretty :-)

To decorate my kitchen tiles I use self-adhesive laminate (Selbstklebefolie). I do not change the quote but I change the objects seasonally. My little one loves the squirrel. He says: "That squirrel is looking for nuts in our kitchen" and then he laughs. I love that! :-)

  • It's a quick, easy and inexpensive way to decorate your kitchen. 
  • You can clean it very easily. I had tomato sauce (and other food) on it and I could simply wipe it away. 
  • You can stick your favorite quotes on a place you see every day.

★ HOW TO: 

* the leaves - quick and easy
  • Die cut some leaves with your die cutting machine. Make sure, the foil (and not the protective paper) touches the die, so it cuts through the foil first. If you do not own dies of a certain shape, follow the instructions below (-> "the squirrel").
  • quickly clean your kitchen tiles and let them dry
  • stick your die cuts on your tiles, arrange them as you like

* the squirrel - this takes a little more time
  • google a free clipart or silhouette of your choice and print it out. I used this one -> Squirrel
  • cut it out and use it as a template on the protective sheet of your self-adhesive laminate. Make sure you put it the other way around (because the image will be mirror-inverted afterwards).
  • cut the squirrel out and stick it on your tile (clean it first)

* the quote - this takes much more time - but it's worth it ;-)
  • look for a quote you like and make a sketch
  • die cut all the letters you need
  • stick washi tape on your (clean) tiles horizontally as guidelines 
  • stick all the letters on the tiles and remove the washi tape

  • This works perfectly on my kitchen tiles. Please try on a small spot, if your foil and your tiles work well together. I never had problems to remove my foil and I'm decorating my kitchen this way for two years now, but it might not work everywhere.
  • Don't put it to close to your stove or cooking plate !!! I never had problems with my laminate. It never melted or caught fire but please make sure yours is safe too!!!

  • die cuts of your choice (not to delicate, they might not stick well)
  • self-adhesive laminate (I got mine at our local grocery store)
  • dies and a die cutting machine (I love to use my sizzix bigs dies for that. )
  • printer, pencil, scissors, washi tape

  • use flower dies for spring, stars for christmas,... the possibilities are endless. 
  • you could try this in your bathroom as well
  • with another laminate (especially for windows) you can decorate your windows as well. 

On the right, I used a frosted self-adhesive
laminate for my window. It's opaque and makes the leaves look frosted. I love that foil because it matches our furniture and decor all the time and does not take away the view or the light in the room.

That laminate is especially for windows. You should find it in a hardware or home improvement store.

Did you miss day 1? click here for "Paper Pumpkins". And tomorrow we'll have tea time together :-)

Thank you for stopping by :-) 
Have a cozy day!


  1. Adorable!! Love every detail and colors a lot! :o) Foil is so cool to use it for decorating walls. I did it couple of times for Halloween and couple of years ago I decorated bathroom with circles. It was so cool!!! :o)

  2. What a great way to decorate and personalise your space on a budget.

  3. Another great idea!! Love it. I´ll have to try this in the bathrooms, because we don't have tiles in the kitchen ;-).
    Hugs, Kerstin


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