★ Fall decor and gifts 1/5

WELCOME to my first crafty series.

This week will be all about the crafty things I did last week... Now, that fall is here, I wanted to decorate our home a little. I was looking for something quick and easy but cute and crafty :-)

★ DAY 1: Paper Pumpkins

I went through my crafty stash and did a little search on Pinterest. These 3D paper pumpkins caught my eye and I wanted to try if they are as easy to make as they seem. Yes, they are! :-)

  • you can use those leftover pattern papers (I rarely use orange on my projects)
  • kids could help to make these
  • you can decorate your home or tie them to a present

★ HOW TO: 
  • I got this idea from Pinterest, so check out Elise's post "DIY paper lanterns" including her step by step photos for the instructions.

  • colored cardstock for your paper strips
  • twine or ribbon
  • scissors, needle, hole punch

  • you could make Christmas ornaments this way as well
  • your pumpkins don't have to be orange, get crazy and color them as you like :-)

If you were looking for a card, here it is :-) I found some fun two-dimensional paper pumpkins on Pinterest as well. They might be the easyest ones I've ever seen and so fun to make. All you need is tree paper circles. Pinterest -> pumpkins with circle punch


How fun ist that: Creative Friday has a "Pumpkin" Challenge going on. Who's in?! :-) 

Thank you for joining me for this fall series. If you like, come back tomorrow for some kitchen decor ideas using your craft supplies. 

Have a happy fall day!


  1. I'm impressed - I absolutely love that little pumpkin with the googly eyes! I like having something to do with the girls, so will try those lanterns. Xx

    1. Hi Ruth, thank you so much for stopping by! I love to share my love for crafting with my son and I always have my eyes open for fun crafty things to do with kids :-) So happy you got inspired! :-)
      Hugs, Nicole

  2. So gorgeous Nicole 😍😍 and I'm glad the wood veneers I brought to Switzerland have found the perfect use!

    Sending you many hugs 😘


    1. Hi Steffi, thank you for the lovely comment! Yes, your wood veneers found a home :-) I like them so much, I actually don't want to give them away ;-) but they look so nice on fall cards. Thanks a lot!
      Hugs from Switzerland

  3. Great ideas!! And I rarely use my orange paper either ;-). Have to try these paper pumpkins soon.
    I´m so looking forward to see tomorrows post.
    xo, Kerstin

    1. Thank you, Kerstin! How nice of you to stop by and leave such lovely words.
      Hugs, Nicole

  4. Sehr süß :) Orange ist zwar nicht meine Lieblingsfarbe, aber so kann man ganz schnell süße Deko herstellen :)
    LG, Eunice

    1. Nein, Orange kommt mir auch nur als Kürbis-Deko ins Haus ;-) Ist sonst auch gar nicht meine Farbe :-)
      LG, Nicole

  5. Eine super schöne Karte.

    Danke fürs Mitmachen bei Creative Friday.
    Liebe Grüße, Katja

  6. wunderschön!Danke für deine Teilnahme bei creative friday! LG,Beate


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